Haze and Lightning policy

Haze Policy

ISA is monitoring the haze levels in Singapore very carefully.

If we will feel is necessary to suspend activities, we will issue a Broadscale E-blast communication immediately.

ISA have implemented the following haze policy:

* Training will be played up to 130 for the 1 hour PM2.5 reading (on the NEA website/app).

* If the 1 hour PM2.5 reading goes over 130 training will be cancelled.

* We will try to give as much notice as possible prior to training if possible.

* ISA management will monitor the situation on spot when needed.

* ISA are for the the benefit of their players. Parents can make their own decision whether their child can train based on their child’s personal conditions.

Lightning Policy

ISA have implemented the following Lightning policy:

* At the first sight of lightning all players will leave the field and head for sheltered area.

* Only when there has been a minimum of 15 mins of no lighting ,training will resume.

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